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"properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit...
 and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either."
~elizabeth zimmerman

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Knitting, Knitting Everywhere

I was just thinking on Sunday how much I'm noticing knitting so much more now that I engage in the habit. Er, I mean, hobby. Then I was on Knittikins blog, and she blogged about the same thing! Great minds and all that, I guess. :)

Anyway, on Sunday it was actually raining here (not all that common in Southern California, you know), and everyone had busted out the winter sweaters. Everywhere I turned in church, there was a knit sweater. I stared at the back of the sweater of the man in front of me, admiring how his narrow cables twisted, for the better part of the hour (is knitting the new spirituality?!). I noticed a plethora of cables--many that looked mass-produced, but a few that could be handknit. Many that were quite lovely. And I started wondering if cables and sweaters are really, really in right now, or if it's just synchronicity--you know, I'm noticing these things because knitting is now such a part of my life and this is my first knitty winter.

Sweet heaven how I want to knit a sweater. I lurve Rogue with an irrational passion. I love how Claudia turned it into a cardi. Recently I am jonesing for a cardigan like nobody's business. Mostly because I don't want to make a lovely sweater or top that will (hopefully) not fit in the next few months. (I'm a Weight Watcher) But a cardigan would always be useful. I've been trying to convince The Boy of this for a few days now. He's not too excited since I already have the yarn for this.

Lately I've been eyeing some of my well-loved sweaters that are beginning to look a little the worse for wear and I hear myself saying "I could make one of these." Never thought I'd be saying that! I've also been noticing how they are seamed or ribbed and the size needle that I would have to use to reproduce the look (in some cases it would require toothpick-sized needles which would be just plain insanity). For instance, the one I'm wearing today. This sweater was clearly not handknit by the employees of the Target where I purchased it!

Ah well, maybe after my (never-ending) Christmas knitting is done (i.e.: 2005), I'll be able to make myself something.



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