Knit Picky: Holy Mother of....mamas!*

"properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit...
 and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either."
~elizabeth zimmerman

Monday, November 29, 2004

Holy Mother of....mamas!*

Where did my long weekend go?? It looked like this, as it sped by: ZZZZZZZZIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPP.

Thursday was Thanksgiving with The Boy's family. Thanksgiving night we drove to [my] parents' house. Friday (dubbed by the family as 'Big Belly Day') we were to have a second Thanksgiving meal. Never happened. Ate leftovers. Mostly pie. Mmmm, banana cream pie.

Saturday we hauled ourselves back home so that The Boy could go to the USC/Notre Dame game. My Saturday? Errand-running, shopping and being Ms. Crankypants, esq. I won't go into the details, but there are certain times in a girl's life when she is just plain stinkin' cranky and there ain't nothing that helps. Except maybe obscene amounts of Pop Tarts, Cherry Soda and M&Ms. Yes, that was dinner. What about it!?

Oh yeah, and I rented and watched the entire first season of Curb Your Enthusiasm--hi-larious! I loved it. Must get on DVD!

Sunday I had friends coming over. Knitter friends. Yay! And I was making turkey chili. From scratch. In the crock pot. You really should bow down in awe of my mad homemakin' skillz. They don't come out to play often. The Boy and I were up by 10 (yay for sleeping in!) so that the apartment could be mopped and vaccuumed and ready for company. Then 2 of my friends came over so that we could eat, and knit, and watch chick movies, and eat.

I did have a productive Christmas knitting weekend. I made the sleep mask from Knitty (looooove the Touch Me!) in a gorgeously rich purple--and I have plenty of yarn left to make myself one. Yippee! I made a scarf for The Boy's best friend out of Plymouth's Alpaca Boucle (3 skeins) in a charcoal/black color. It's almost 6' long, just plain old garter stitch. He recently moved to Israel, and I'm sure it must get cold there, right? And I made that black skinny scarf for my 16-year-old cousin out of FFF's Over #4188 (a microchic replacement yarn). I just need to fringe it, and we're good to go.

We watched Chocolat, Don Juan de Marco [sigh--Johnny Depp, oh how we love thee], Two Weeks' Notice, and Desperate Housewives while we knitted and munched on goodies brought by the other two girls, M&Ms (left over from my Saturday binge), Cheez-its (THE snack cracker of choice in my household), and--finally--the yummy chili dinner, served with sour cream, chopped onion and shredded cheddar. Both of my guests had never had chili with sour cream. Have you ever heard of such an oversight?? CRAZY!

All in all, it was a good weekend. To quote one of my coworkers, though, "It was a nice four day weekend, but I need another 40 more!" I hear ya, sister!

*A quasi-expletive shouted out by one of my two knitterly friends when I accidentally knocked the remote control off the couch onto the linoleum floor. I thought she was going to have a heart attack!

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  • Stephanie, you *are* amusing. Why haven't you posted in soooooo long? I have the same problems as you (except reversed - I came to LA from San Diego, and I'm having a hard time adapting). I'm anxious to hear how your xmas went and what you are doing now that the rush is over (and summer is coming).

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:31 PM  

  • Hey, I have enjoyed...your blog is informative - even entertaining.

    I have a halloween sites. They pretty much covers costumes and masks related stuff.

    Thanks again and I'll be sure to bookmark you.

    By Blogger kalisekj, at 4:59 PM  

  • Your blog is hilarious! I found it doing a Google search for local yarn stores in the Valley. When you lived here, did you have any favorites? I'd really like to find places where I can knit, gain insight from more experienced knitters, and just hang out. If you can and it will not inconvenience you, would you please email me a response at jangkaeng AT gmail DOT com? Thank you! :)

    By Anonymous Stephanie F., at 3:14 AM  

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