Knit Picky: Urgh! Ack! Argh!

"properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit...
 and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either."
~elizabeth zimmerman

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Urgh! Ack! Argh!

Only (look to the right) 32 knitting days till Christimas. GAH!

Sometimes I look at my spreadsheet (how else would I MANAGE all this?!) and I think I can do this; it'll work out. And then the rational, realistic part of me points and laughs at the--clearly delusional--side.

How on earth am I going to finish this?? Here's the list of what remains to be done, heaven help me:

*2-1/2 children's ponchos for my little sisters

*3 more reverse bloom flower washcloths for various and sundry friends and relatives (as if the first four weren't work enough)

*Irish Hiking scarf in Alpaca for my stepdad (yes I joined the knitalong, and no I haven't actually knit yet)

*scarf for my dad that will include my first foray into intarsia using this pattern (what are you laughing at?? I'm sure I can learn an entirely new technique and implement it without fail in a couple of weeks--oh wait, I still have to learn to cable for the Irish Hiking Scarf, too... . [sob])

*Knitty sleep mask in Touch Me for a dear friend (I started this one, and knit half of it on 6s instead of 5s, constantly telling myself that the increased size would barely be noticeable. I finally ripped it out two days later when it became clear that lying to myself would not change the final outcome)

*4 other assorted scarves

*Plain garter scarf for The Boy's best friend I nuts or what??

***P.S. In good knitterly news, the Kitty Hat is done, and received rave reviews at the LYS. I've been asked to bring it in tomorrow night so that they can take a picture of me wearing it.***

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