Knit Picky: UK Knitters -- or Other World Travelers -- Bend Your Needles My Way!

"properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit...
 and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either."
~elizabeth zimmerman

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

UK Knitters -- or Other World Travelers -- Bend Your Needles My Way!

On June 12th The Boy and I will leave for our honeymoon (we get married on the 10th). We are flying into London for three days before joining a Trafalgar Tour that will take us round England, up to Scotland, over to Ireland, back down to Wales, and return us, at the end of June, to London.

I am very excited, and know that we are going to have a wonderful time. But here's the all-important question: where do I shop for yarn in these places??

It goes without saying, and The Boy knows this, that we *will* be looking at yarn and possibly at the sheep and alpaca from whence it came, if possible. So what shops do I absolutely have to go to? The first three days in London will be the biggest dedicated amount of time without an agenda that we will have. After that we will have time to ourselves when stopped at the various locations.

UK Knitters -- and other world travelers -- can you help me?

If you read this blog and you have a suggestion, please de-lurk and leave me a comment!


posted by Stephanie at 1:40 PM


  • i am going to london in the fall and have been told to visit loop, here is the url

    i also hear that liberty has a beautiful yarn selection, but very $$$


    By Blogger amy, at 5:46 PM  

  • Congratulations and have a safe trip!

    By Blogger Monica, at 8:10 AM  

  • WOW, congrats!!!!! Enjoy!!! can't wait to see your wedding & honeymoon pics of Europe!!

    By Anonymous dianne, at 7:30 PM  

  • Congratulations! Another one bites the dust! Will check back for cool honeymoon pics!

    By Blogger Starfish, at 8:06 PM  

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