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 and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either."
~elizabeth zimmerman

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Alert the Media!

A second post in three days? Someone check me for fever!

Actually I really wanted to post my pictures before they became too obsolete. :)

Dial-up users BEWARE--loads of pictures upcoming! (Wait, am I the only person in the world who still has dial-up?)

First up: Honeymoon Yarn!


From Liberty, in London

Yeah, okay, I said I wanted to get yarn I couldn't just get anywhere, and this is Rowan KSH which is pretty readily available to me, but does it count that I didn't already have any in my stash? And I luuurve this apple green. In fact, methinks that I need about 4 or 5 more skeins to make something from Vintage Knits, or the sweet camisole from Weekend Knitting


Also from Liberty, in London

Regia sock yarn. Again, yes, I could get this in the states, probably at any of a handful of shops without travelling too far even, but this was in London, people! And check out those fantastic colors!


From Blarney Woolen Mills, Blarney, Ireland

I literally stumbled across this Tivoli DK yarn at the Blarney Woolen Mills. I was looking at the scarves and sweaters in this VAST shop, and at the last minute popped upstairs for a second. GASP! There before me was a big ol' cart full of cream-colored Tivoli worsted weight yarn. I was so darn excited that I bumped into a barrel next to the cart. I looked down into the barrel and found this bag of lovely tweedy burgundy DK yarn--10 skeins (also Tivoli) for 16 euro. I snatched that bag up so fast and hugged it to my chest, refusing to put it back down. And that's where The Boy found me a few minutes later. Drooling over the other bag of 16 euro DK tweed--in a gorgeous navy. How I wish I'd gotten both! But The Boy restrained me with the promise of searching for more yarn later on the trip. But I'd be damned if I was leaving without that bag you see there.

Wanna see it up closer?


I know the plastic bag doesn't make for the best picture, but look at those little tweedy nubs!

York_Aran wt

From Sheepish, an adorable shop with an adorable name, in The Shambles, York, England. The proprietress and the woman at the register were absolutely delightful. The shop was two itsy bitsy little rooms with bags of yarn and displays everywhere. I could have happily moved in with the two ladies and the gentleman stocking the back room (I'm assuming he was married to the owner).

Those are two skeins of Brigantia aran weight yarn in one of my most favorite color combinations. The wool is actually a bit scratchy, but I'm hoping it will soften a bit with washing. Anyway, who cares!? It's from England, from my honeymoon, and from the cutest little shop.

Here's another reason to love Sheepish

York_Summer Tweed2

Yes, a yarn I could buy at home, but one I didn't have. Rowan Summer Tweed. In a beauteous gold color. And the 10 skein bag was about 25 pounds, if I recall correctly.

I found Sheepish on accident when our tour guide finished our brief walking tour in York in The Shambles. As he finished talking about it, my eye caught on the shop right behind him. The yarn shop. Well, that did it for me. I don't recall much of what he told us about that area of York (except that it used to house all the butcher's shops) because from that moment on I was overtaken with the need to!

To illustrate how friendly they were at the shop, when I asked the owner if I might take a picture to post on my blog, she said she would be "delighted". So here it is.

Sheepish shop_York

So if any of you knitters ever find yourselves in York, make your way to The Shambles (very close to the Minster) and check out Sheepish. You'll be so glad you did.

Well, that's it for honeymoon yarn. Not for lack of effort, mind you! We just didn't have a lot of free time on our tour to go hunting for all the shops I just know were waiting for me.

I'm going to leave the pictures of The Great Stash Re-Organization of 2006 until another day. This post is already looooong!

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  • Look at all the yummy yarn you scored! Good for you. If I was in London, I know I wouldn't be able to resist, either!

    By Blogger del, at 5:54 PM  

  • Great yarn!!!!

    By Anonymous madalyn, at 1:28 PM  

  • oh, i just bought some brigantia yarn from sheepish on the shambles last week! my family heritage hails from the yorkshire moors and so i was thrilled to buy some yarn from yorkshire sheep! i got a beautiful brick red! i love your blog...what is the i sniff yarn button about in your sidebar...i'd like to add it to my blog because i do just that. i'm at

    still travelling, will try to find your email to send you my travelling email address..
    wasn't york great? and sheepish fantastic? that's the oldest steet in europe you know!

    By Anonymous gwendolen, at 1:59 AM  

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