Knit Picky: Ephemera--A Loooooong Post

"properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit...
 and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either."
~elizabeth zimmerman

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ephemera--A Loooooong Post

Wow, my first political post on this blog, and I got more comments than any other single post here! And mostly from 'furriners' like those Canadians and British. ;)

Truthfully, I was so happy to read the comments from everyone chiming in with a same or similar perspective on the US. Particularly reading comments from abroad that paralleled our situations with theirs (which we seldom consider, seeing as how we have a completely centralized media with a very insular focus). Others shared their hopes that this will indeed be a turning point for the American government.

To all those commenters, a huge THANK YOU! I loved reading your comments. I wish I heard from more of you more often (coughattentionwhorecough).


Now, on to other things...

I got my ISE3 scarf from my pal, the (technically) blogless Sonia!

The colors are closest here, but not 100% accurate. The gold areas are a little more green, with bits of brown and olive.

Here's another take, a little bit closer.

The pictures are not great, I know. I received my scarf package when I got home at 11pm on Monday, and haven't been home before 10 the rest of this week. I tried taking this picture in my cubicle.

And the other to-do I've been working on...socks! For me! Yeah, I said the next pair would be for The Boy. And I got my whole knitting bag together with all the ingredients to make his socks, and then drove to my parents' house, promptly leaving my knitting bag at home. But, not to be deterred (and to be given a really good excuse to do so), I went to the cute little knit shop down the street from the 'rents' house.

I got some Kathmandu DK in this gorgeous piney color with lots of wonderful little tweedy bits.

One down! I'm at the heel turn on the second.

I would like to say that I am just that good, but it's really the combination of DK weight yarn and US4 DPNs instead of US1s! I'm such a cheater. The Boy's socks are going to be Koigu on size 1s or 2s, so they will take MUCH longer.

Here's a picture of the bottom/gusset/heel area. I just luuuuurve this little heel cup (I have no idea what you actually call it). The pattern is Blueberry Waffle Socks, and it uses this great paired decrease for the heel that creates a really comfortable little heel cup.


I also have a couple of baby things to do. A friend of the family called my mom early this year to tell her she was having a baby (she used to babysit my littlest sisters). She said it was a girl, they had named her, had a girly babyshower. Guess what? It was a boy. And this is what I had given him (the accessories, not the bear, she's mine):

I'm sure little Dylan was very pleased.

So now I need to re-knit in blues. Sugar and Cream for easy maintenance (mom is about 20 uears old and I don't see her handwashing baby goods). Then my cousin found out she's having a boy, too. So I need to figure out what to make for her, since she's sort of my favorite cousin. I would love to do a log cabin blanket, maybe with all my many odd skeins of Encore--I have loads of the stuff leftover from lots of other projects.

Ach, back to work stuff. Seriously, it's one darn thing after another!

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  • LOVE the socks! I'm still always so amazed each time I make a heel. How you can have this beautiful little curve of a cup thing where there was just flat fabric a few moments ago... yes, I'm a dork, don't care, I still LOVE heels! I'm gonna check out those waffle socks, I need to cheat every so often with some good ol' sz 4s and 5s and crank out a pair of socks in a few days! WOO HOO!

    By Blogger Christine, at 12:59 PM  

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