"properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit...
 and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either."
~elizabeth zimmerman

Thursday, January 18, 2007


I have been trying to get in off and on all day and everytime I log in my computer just hangs up and gives me an error message. I most sincerely hope that this is being worked on, or we (that would be me, The Boy, The Beasties and The Yarn) will have to find a new place to mosey on over to. And I am incredibly lazy and cheap, so that won't be easy! Grrrr.



So, on the good news front, I finished something. Yay!


I love it, but I need to block it. Badly. Here is a glamour shot for ya.


Isn't The Boy a fabulous model? And you--yeah, you--pay no attention to the mess all around The Boy. You are only supposed to check out the yarny goodies.

Specs: The marvelous Clapotis by Kate Gilbert -- the girl is a genius. I used 2-3/4 balls Lorna's Laces worsted weight in colorway Vera. I started out on awful Bryspun plastic needles (because I was flying to my honeymoon) and then got to switch over to my wonderful, wonderful KnitPicks Options needles. Love 'em!

Like everyone else, I loved the adventure of purposely dropping stitches. But I had a problem, and I'm wondering if I'm the only one. While plugging along on the last little bit of the Clapotis, I had one of those experiences of knitting dementia or knitting delusion that the Yarn Harlot likes to reference--a moment in which I knew that 'this is just not right' but I kept going. Rather than being a lovely parallelogram, as I imagine she is meant to be, one corner (the end of the knit) shoots off a bit alarmingly to the right.

I think it looks pretty wretched, but I am going to see how the magic of blocking works for me before taking any drastic measures. You can kind of see an example of the horror draped over The Boy's hand in the picture--looks innocent enough, but why does the other end not look like that?? It doesn't help, of course, that The Boy started referring to that corner as the bat wing portion of the wrap. Hm.

I'll block the darn thing this weekend, and we'll see how she fares. I've been working on her forever, so I really don't want to start over. There is definitely a downside to being THE SLOWEST KNITTER IN THE WORLD. EVER. FOR REALS.

I cast on wayyyy back in June, when my honeymoon began, and quickly discovered that knitting on the tour bus was not going to happen if I didn't want to be sick the whole trip. So I got a wee little corner accomplished and that was it for June. I picked her back up in July and knit the increase section and began the decrease sections pretty steadily. Then she languished while I completed other stuff. And more things. And a few others. I finally picked her back up about two weeks ago and cast off on Monday night. So technically knitting Clapotis took me 7 months, but not really.

And now I'm working on Koigu socks for The Boy. On bamboo DPNs. I got the magic loop book and figured out how to do it, but I know DPNs. I've actually built a good relationship with them. Maybe I'll try magic loop for my next socks...

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  • Popping out from lurkdom to say the Clapotis is beautiful... have fun with the sockies... (pick up sticks freak me out I am a 2 circular girl) =)

    By Blogger Suburbaknitsta, at 7:14 PM  

  • You won't believe it... I have the EXACT same yarn to make a clapotis with hehehehe.

    Girl, you all need to come on over to wordpress... It is really really great and easy too!!!

    I think that corner might be because of all the weight pulling on the knitting when you're working on it. The first corner you're knitting doesn't have all this weight on it, so it would not pull like that.

    Cheers Eva - who will answer your "tiny" e-mail this weekend :)

    By Anonymous Eva, at 9:33 PM  

  • I've not knit the Clapotis, so I have no words of advice or knowledge BUT .. I can say this .. I LOVE YOURS! It looks beautiful (even on the boy).

    By Blogger miss88keys, at 10:29 PM  

  • The Clapotis is gorgeous - I am very impressed with your perseverance cos I tend to have lots of UFO's around!

    Give us plenty or warning if you and your blog move space :)



    By Anonymous Enna (in NZ), at 7:01 PM  

  • I HAVE to agree with eva- block and i am sure magic will take care of the rest ....

    By Anonymous LauRa, at 1:26 PM  

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