Knit Picky: YFC--YAY! (Updated)

"properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit...
 and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either."
~elizabeth zimmerman

Monday, January 29, 2007

YFC--YAY! (Updated)

Somehow I managed to miss two of the questions for the YFC secret pal exchange. I'm adding them now. Sorry!

If you are not a part of YFC (Yarn Focus Challenge) '07, you might not find this information all that interesting, but bear with me. There are two pictures wayyyyy at the bottom.

To follow is Rebekah's fun and funny questionnaire for my secret pal (and anybody else who's interested) to read and see what we're all about. I got my secret pal today and have already checked out that person's answers. And darnit if we don't have some of the same ones!

A) What type of yarn do you knit with most often?

I love merino wool in its many incarnations: cashmerino (who wouldn't?), sock yarns, etc.

B) Is there any type of yarn that you would love to try but haven't yet, such as bamboo, banana fiber?

I've never tried banana fiber, or recycled silk and yesterday was the first time I ever read about the shellfish yarn (and I saw it on TWO blogs). I'm pretty open to trying just about anything new. In fact, I would love the opportunity!

#1) In your opinion what is a luxury yarn?

Anything that I have to reallllllly think about before buying. Or more likely have never bought but only admired from afar. Some silks, cashmere and quiviut (from what I hear; never seen it in person).

#2) Is there any type of yarn or fiber content you dislike or would prefer not to receive?

I have become something of a yarn snob with experience. In the beginning I bought all kinds of novelty yarns and anything that was a 'bargain'. Now I know that quality and fiber content mean much more to me. Having said all that, the only thing I am really not a fan of is 100% acrylic yarn. It squeaks!

#3) What type of garments do you most often knit?

Up to this point I've knit one adult sweater (Sitcom Chic) and one baby sweater. Mostly I do accessories: scarves, mitts, hats, and my current obsession SOCKS. I am a process knitter and I take forever to knit, so I really, truly have to commit to anything more complex. Although I have yarn earmarked for about three full sweaters...

#4) What types of knitting books do you enjoy?

I'm a book lover from way back, and when I started knitting it sort of transferred over. I love books with personality (The Yarn Harlot), books that have interesting patterns (Teva Durham, Nora Gaughan), books that are fun to read (Mason Dixon Knitting, Knit 2 Together). Pretty much, it's hard to go too far wrong with knitting books. I also love Interweave Knits but haven't ventured too far into other knitting mags except for Vogue Knitting.

#5) What is a color you like but rarely or never buy yourself?

Probably blue or red. I always buy myself earth tones (I'm a Fall, dontchaknow) and I have an inordinate amount of pink sock yarn. I don't seem to have many blues or reds, though, and I think there's nothing like a baby-light or midnight blue or a flame-like or crimson red.

#6) If you were pregnant and had to name your baby a fiber, what would her/his name be?

Do I have a grudge against this kid?? I think I would go with Silk so that she could eventually feature in some kind of Danielle Steel-ish story. :)

#7) Do you spin?

Nope, and oddly (for a knitter) I don't really have a desire to do so. I'm happy with my yarn made for me, perfect and pretty.

#8) What is one fiber you've never spun?


#9) If someone in your family or a best friend had to describe you in one word, what would it be?

Picky -- hence the blog title

#10) Please tell us one odd thing about you.

Where to start?? I have a lot of food 'issues'. For instance, I won't eat lettuce on or in anything, but I looove salads.

#11) What was your favorite cartoon when you were little.

Scooby Doo

#12) Do you have animals? If so, please name them and tell us a little about them.

We have two cats: Max [the boy cat] is mine (a.k.a. Tyrannosaurus Max, Maxers, Maxaroni and Cheese, The White Menace).


Inari [the girl cat] is madly in love with my husband, so she's definitely his. (a.k.a. Little Miss Mini Paws, Missy Mew, The Dark One).

The Boy cuddles3

#13) And last but not least, if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

England. We were there for our honeymoon last summer for a week+. I loved London, but could see living outside the City in a smaller town (we loved Chester). Oh how I want to go back!!

Whew! That's a lot of ME. I hope that this helps my secret pal understand me a bit. If you have more questions, secret pal, let me know!

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  • It's nice to get to know you a bit better. The picture of the cat snuggling your husband is too cute.

    By Anonymous Rebekah, at 8:57 AM  

  • Once i was at Don Jose's and there were bugs in my lettuce...

    needless to say, i carefully inspect it now....
    very carefully....

    By Anonymous Laura, at 1:31 PM  

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