Knit Picky: Just Passing Thru

"properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit...
 and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either."
~elizabeth zimmerman

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Just Passing Thru

Sorry to disappear after that last post. I caught the dreaded crud going around campus and was out of work Thursday, and Friday was a holiday for the University. And now I'm playing catch up for being off for two exciting and snot-filled days.

1) Stay tuned for more info on some kind of Knitting Ref memorial. I've sent a message to The Hubster (her husband) and will let you know next steps when I know them.

2) In other, more selfish news, I've finished The Boy's ginormous Koigu Bigfoot socks--and they are gorgeous. He demanded them when he returned from work the day after he knew I finished them, and then wouldn't take them off till the next day. I think that's a good sign! He'll be getting some more. His next ones will be his USC/Gryffindor stripey socks in Regia's Nation Colors (5393).

3) But first, some toe-ups for me using Silk Garden Lite. I'm totally copying Amy at Good To Be Girl but I NEEDED them after seeing hers awhile back. Of course, in order to do these socks I have to tackle the toe-up portion, and right now I appear to be far too stupid to figure it out. Seriously. I've tried no less than a dozen times. I am having problems.

4) I got an awesome package from my YFC07 pal but I haven't been able to find the camera cord to upload the pics. As soon as I do, I will show you the gorgeous goodies I got. You will be sooooo jealous. ;)

5) I have developed a bit of a girl crush on Rachel Maddow on Air America--she's so smart! The local progressive radio station used to air her radio program during drive time here, but now they've changed their format and some stupid blowhard is on during her time slot. Now I'm going to have to join the 21st century and learn how to podcast Rachel's show. Grrrr.

Coming soon--a letter from our girl cat! And oodles of pictures including Stitches (what? wasn't that, like, a million years ago?), my swap goodies, and lots (LOTS) of cats.

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  • i have to admit that i cheated and did top down on the socks. i was too impatient to teach myself toe up again (i did it once but had since forgotten). i went a little crazy though and made sure all my colors lined up perfect on both socks!

    By Blogger amy, at 4:01 PM  

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