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"properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit...
 and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either."
~elizabeth zimmerman

Friday, May 25, 2007

Freaky Fridays

This week's Freaky Friday incident will comprise the second half of this message. But, first, I have some well overdue updates.

I finally got my act together and got a picture of my Hogwart's Sock Swap partner's sock in time for today's show and tell (yay me!).

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Gryffindor Button

My Ravenclaw Pal's sock:

Ravenclaw kitty

As usual, modeled by the lovely and talented (and oh-so-enthusiastic) Inari.

Fortunately my partner has nearly the same size feet as I do (only 3/4" bigger), so I can model them for you here.

All but the toes
Ravenclaw sock and bag

This one probably shows the colors to best advantage.

Yarn is Cherry Tree Hill Glitter Alpaca in Moody Blues. I am so in love with this yarn. It's nice to work with, knits up really well, is a bit luxurious on the feet, but not so much that you'd be afraid to wear it. And it has glitter in it! The strands are periodically intertwined with little bits of coppery/silvery glitter that makes the whole thing sparkle (That's so Ravenclaw*).

I'm not doing much in the way of a pattern. I started several times with different ones, but they were not showing off the yarn enough. So I went with a 1-1/2" ribbed cuff and stockinette. And I'm so glad I did. It showcases the gorgeous color changes and the glitter so well. I've just to kitchener the toe on here and cast on immediately for the second sock. Truthfully this has been my fastest sock ever. 1 week to knit, it's only finishing the toe that is holding me up from being half done.


The Disneyland Incident

I live to serve, and I received a couple of comments asking to know about my humiliating Disneyland experience for this week's installment of Freaky Fridays. Ask and you shall receive, dear reader.

Last year The Boy and I bought our first Annual Passes to the Mouse House. In the beginning we wanted to get our money's worth, and were there all.the.time. On this particular sunny southern California day, I was thrilled to go to Disneyland. I was wearing new khakis from Old Navy, it was a nice day, I was with The Boy. What could go wrong?

Fate laughs at me.

We had been there for only a short time when The Boy suggested we check out Soaring Over California at California Adventure. If you haven't been on this ride, it's quite a fun experience. You are seated on these 'benches' that lift up into this soundstage sort of area, and you are virtually transported all up and down the California coast. I'm not doing it justice; it's very nice. Well.

To get onto the 'bench' you have to hop up a little bit because it is a little bit high. As I lifted a leg to half-hop, I heard 'RRRRRIIIIIPPPPPP'. I didn't believe it. I reached behind me, and sure enough, my brand-new khakis had ripped--and not on a seam.

Needless to say, I did not enjoy the ride this time around as I spent the whole time wondering what I was going to do when it ended. The rip was extensive; at least 6-7" long, right down the middle of the right cheek. Incidentally, The Boy was laughing so hard, that he was of very little use to me at this point. I grabbed my backpack and carried it right behind me--at cheek level--all the way out of the ride, with The Boy walking inches behind me. I nabbed the first bench we came to and demanded that The Boy go get my sweatshirt out of the lockers to tie around my waist. I felt like a teenager the first time Aunt Flo comes to visit.

I also was not thrilled at spending several more hours with my flowery panties on display. Fortunately The Boy had sobered up and was a little more helpful at this point. He took me to Main Street in Disneyland and we looked for some new pants that I could wear for the rest of the day. And that's how I came to own what I call my 'Disneyland Pants'. Navy sweat-suit material, track-suit style pants that absolutely will not rip without application of extreme force. At least, not so far.


I'm thinking next week might be the story of the truly creative and unique way I sprained my left wrist. The doctor was quite surprised. I was his first with this particular story. I usually am.

*Wow, that's an embarrassing kind of reference. I'm oddly proud of myself, whilst simultaneously apalled. For the record, I know of this show because of my little sisters. I'm not that pathetic! Ahem.

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  • The sock yarn sounds gorgeous! I'm going to have to look for some.

    Disneyland...err...i've had it happen to me, but not in such a public place. Oh my! yep, embarrassing. :)

    By Blogger Marigold, at 6:25 PM  

  • I'll make sure next time we're at Disneyland (on Wednesday) I wear pants with rip-stop nylon in them or something. YIKES!

    Your sock swap partner should love the socks. Looks great!

    By Blogger ~Kristie, at 4:38 PM  

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