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"properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit...
 and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either."
~elizabeth zimmerman

Friday, June 15, 2007

Freaky Fridays

Hey peeps, sorry for depriving you of FF last week. The Boy and I were off to Santa Barbara to celebrate our first anniversary (of marriage; we've had five anniveraries of being together).

I have so much to blog about, and no time to do it in this week! I'm really going to try to get online this weekend to give you pictures and more information.

Due to our vacation (long weekend; we returned Monday night) and a supersized dental visit on Tuesday (5 hours in the chair!!!), I've been running like a mad woman at work, playing catchup on everything. Le sigh.

Soon I will have pictures for you of WAY TOO MUCH YARN (in The Boy's opinion, not mine, natch!), the cutest sea lion, a crab that collects yarn (really!), and some yarn-related goodies, including the AMAZING package from my ISE4 pal, MoniDew. What a truly wonderful pal. I'll give more details later, but she has been a commenter on this blog during the swap, sent me several cute little emails as we went along, and mailed me a mind-blowingly perfect package. I am so in awe of her swapper fu!


Now, for why you really come here: more ways in which I've injured, hurt or otherwise embarrassed myself recently. ;)

So I mentioned a couple of posts ago the totally not real rabbit that is hanging out with us at work--but not really, of course, because I'm *sure* that would be some kind of health hazard, and we wouldn't want that, you powerful work enforcement types, so don't you worry. Or come looking for her.

Anyway, our imaginary rabbit spends most of her daytime life in one cubicle, but she has decided that the rest of us are WAY more interesting. As is running around the office. Enter: the prison break.

A couple of boxes were no deterrent for our four-legged hopping friend. So a makeshift baby gate was constructed out of some cardboard boxes to block the entrance to her cube. For weeks we all have just high-stepped over the gate when needing to get into the cube. Until this one magical day two weeks ago...

On that day I was standing outside the cubicle talking to its actual (human) resident. I went to step over the 'gate' to show her something and caught the front of my sandal on the flap of one of the flattened cardboard boxes. Not only did I stumble, but I fell--big time. I'm so glad it's not on video. I tried to balance myself by waving my arms wildly, while I had one foot caught behind me on the box, and one foot in the cube. I didn't want to hit the ground and squash the bunny, nor did I want to land on my teeny tiny officemate. But eventually gravity took its toll, and I fell to the ground, on my knees. And you know how cushy and comfortable institutional carpet is--about 1/8" thick over solid concrete.

I don't know how I looked exactly, but it can't have been pretty. My knees hit the ground so.hard. that people came running from other cubes. I skinned up both knees, and got ginormous bruises on each one. I also sprained the ankle that was caught on the box--my bad ankle, of course. The bunny and my officemate were just fine, though, lest you should worry!

It was really embarrassing, and quite painful, but it was one of those things where after it happened I was sitting on the ground in my officemate's cube laughing and laughing. Other co-workers came in and told their stories about falling to make me feel better. Which I appreciated!


And as a little bonus for you, a conversation with another co-worker today:

She was on the phone with a vendor and suddenly shouted out, "OWWW!" Then she said, "Um, I stubbed my toe." When she got off the phone a couple minutes later I was laughing. I asked her how she supposedly stubbed her toe while sitting at her desk. She explained that the rabbit had bitten her toe, but she didn't want to tell the vendor that.

Then she said, "Of all people, Stephanie, I would expect you to understand how it is possible to hurt yourself in a bizarre way! If someone could get hurt sitting absolutely still at their desk, it would be you, so have some sympathy!"

Needless to say, we were all laughing at that one. And in that laughter, there was a tinge of irony, because it is so true. :)

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