Knit Picky: Oh My Goodness-Oh My Goodness

"properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit...
 and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either."
~elizabeth zimmerman

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Oh My Goodness-Oh My Goodness

So much has gone on lately that I would like to blog about, but I don't want things to get lost in one looooong post, so I'll just have to parcel them out over the next couple of posts (and at the rate I go, that could be months!).

So the most important thing first: I got my awesome package from my ISE4 pal the night before we left for our anniversary trip to Santa Barbara. So, please forgive the delay in getting this information--and my HUGE thanks--out.

My swap pal was MoniDew , and boy, did she spoil me. Here are some pics of the goodies.

What could it be
When I got home, I found this lovely box chock full of wrapped packages--yay! What could they all be??

Wow. Just, wow. Moni went to so much trouble to find just perfect gifts for me. Look at all the swag! She responded to my strong belief in breast cancer awareness and my desire to get back into yoga. I love Miso soup, and the candle smells just divine. Mmmmm. And how did she know how much I'm into organge right now?!

the scarf
Please forgive the awful, sideways picture. I haven't quite figured out how to rotate pictures on my home computer (got it down at work, though!). This is my luscious scarf from Moni. It's in the Falling Water pattern. I'm not sure of the yarn but it is soooo soft and I adore the colors--which are pretty accurate here.

scarf as headband
And another view of the scarf--as headband. I am a terrible photographer anyway, but when forced to take a picture of me wearing an item...well, let's just say that there were about 15 pictures of my back, the wall, the door and some items behind me. I immediately put this lovely in my purse and took it on our trip to Santa Barbara--though it's hot right now in CA, it was cool in the evening by the beach, so this came in mightily handily.

There is no thank you big enough to send Moni for this beautiful, thoughtful package. I was so thrilled to open each and every item. THANK YOU, MONI!!!

What a great swap partner!!

(And, by the way, check out Moni's blog for healthy living tips--she knows a little something about this, being a nutritionist and all!)

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