Knit Picky: You Know, I'd Really Like Working At This School If It Weren't For All These Students

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 and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either."
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Monday, July 30, 2007

You Know, I'd Really Like Working At This School If It Weren't For All These Students

Beware: Grumpy Old Woman Rant Commences...NOW

Whatsamatta U has the distinction of being located in an area populated by rich, snotty kids. Kids much like those spotlighted by MTV with their stupid, (sur)reality shows based on plasticy, enhanced-to-within-an-inch-of-themselves lives. And these kids are the worst kinds of entitled that you've ever seen.

They drive far nicer cars than about 90% of the staff. And they have no qualms about scratching, denting or otherwise damaging the cars of us, their underlings. They look with scorn upon those of us who cannot afford/do not want to dress like a) hookers, b) mannequins or c) the latest runway victim of Dolce & Gabana/Versace/H&M/Ralph Lauren/Gwen Stefani (have you seen what her stuff costs?!--holy !@#$). They walk blindly behind reversing vehicles, trusting that their charmed little lives could never be snatched away from them, knowing that if one of us deigned to bump them with our cars, daddy would sue us into oblivion. Because Princess should be allowed to be irresponsible and lazy and insensible of things happening around her!

Ugh. Today two such lithe, young, tanned, spoilt specimens just walked right behind my car as I backed up from my parking spot. They never looked at me or my car. They were talking at each other, scrolling through their ipods, in their designer clothes that cost as much as my monthly car payment. No doubt they were on their way to get their half-caf, soy mochaccinos in their BMW or convertible Mercedes!

If this is our future, God help us all. This is what happens with a concentration of too much money, not enough discipline and spoiling run amok.

Where are the parents here? Other than handing over the limitless credit card and the keys to the Jag, do these mini divas with JUICY printed across their a$$es/their $300 jeans/their Missoni dresses/Gucci pants and their Prada/Coach/Chanel bags have actual, involved parents? I know that there are some awesome parents out there in the real world. Hell, I've known more than a few in real life. So what dysfunction happened to this new generation that has made it acceptable for kids to be this way? Brainless wonders cum tween/teen icons. Oy. Paris, Lindsay, Nicole? I'm looking at you.

God I'm old.

posted by Stephanie at 4:03 PM


  • Well, you can sit next to me and help me yell at these damn kids to get off my lawn. *shakes cane*

    By Anonymous kim, at 7:16 AM  

  • I want to scream at parents every day because of the way their children behave. We keep seeing kids not older then 10 or 11 with such words printed across their butts and I'd love to shake their parents and ask them what in the word they are thinking.

    I shudder to think of the upcoming generations. And I'm only 34!

    By Anonymous Rebekah, at 2:54 PM  

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