Knit Picky: November 2005

"properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit...
 and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either."
~elizabeth zimmerman

Tuesday, November 22, 2005
What Have I Been Up To?

Much knitting!

Fingerless gloves made for my sis (late birthday gift). She couldn't decide between green and pink, thus the dual-color styling. I used this pattern. I used two skeins of Lily Chin Gramercy. A strand each of 5627 and 7543 were held together to get this mottled effect.

After making the mitts there was still yarn left over for a scarf. I used the modified stitch pattern shown for the mitts on 9 sts. This is my very creative blocking since it turned out pretty loooooong on 13 sts (size US8). What you can't see is that the scarf extends across my little blocking table and all the way up and around that USPS box.

Fingerless glove1
Mitts for me! One strand Gramercy throughout. On the ribbing it is held together with one strand Paillette in black with multi-colored sequins. The pattern is from my LYS.

A hat to match! One strand of Pailette all the way throughout. The hat is a spiral hat pattern from Foxyknits

A headhugger hat (this pattern) for my step-grandmother who's going through chemo right now. I used the remaining 1-1/2 balls of the Sirdar Snuggly DK from Ian's blue sweater (see several previous posts on THE SWEATER THAT WILL NOT DIE). This hat is SO soft! She's even requested another and taken this to her priest to be blessed (and if that doesn't make me humble, I don't know what will!).

The headhugger from the top/back to show off the nice decreases. Sorry it's at an angle. I tried to rotate it but Flick'r's not cooperating.

This is how long it is when not folded!

me and my headhugger
Self-portrait; I was trying to take a picture of the top of the hat

A hat and scarf set for my Physical Therapist. She's going home to Poland for the holidays for the first time in years and no longer has cold-weather clothing. I thought a hat and plush scarf might make a nice thank you for all she's done for me and a bit of an early Christmas wish. The hat is leftover navy Wool-Ease with a stripe of leftover Lion Boucle in Lime Blue. She told me that her favorite colors were navy and green, so I ran with that. The scarf is 1 ball Caron Soft Boucle in 'Blues' randomly striped throughout with 1 ball Lion Boucle in Lime Blue. Except for the Caron, all of these were stash yarns. Yay me for finally using them!

A better view of the striping, but the colors are more accurate above. I LOVE the way this turned out. The entire thing is random; I just knit until I got bored or felt like switching out in each section.


Gratuitious sleeping kitty shot

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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