Knit Picky: October 2006

"properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit...
 and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either."
~elizabeth zimmerman

Friday, October 27, 2006
Everbody in Blogland Went to Rhinebeck and All I Got Was...Nothing!

I'm playing along with Karrie's contest. I'm going to pretend that I went to Rhinebeck, too! And let's see what I got.

Enough pink sock yarn

Oooooh, lots of sock yarn. And look at all those pinks!

Bottom left is Regia Sock Yarn (from my trip to London, actually). I dig those colors bigtime. On top are Paton's Kroy--the first sock yarn I ever purchased. (Whispered: from Michael's.) The third set is from Knitpicks old sock yarn line. I think the color is Morning Glory. I've swatched it and it's delicious.

So those are some of my goodies that I am re-admiring right now. I am going to try to post more tonight or this weekend, because I did actually have some stash acquisitions on Saturday. What is it? I'm not telling!

Oh, okay, here's a hint: Trunk Show & My Favorite Handpainted Yarn. So there you go.

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Friday, October 20, 2006
Disruption in the Time-Space Continuum?

Is there some physics I'm missing here? Or is the Kid Silk Haze I'm using for my ISE3 partner's scarf really NOT running out? I mean, I know I'm a slow knitter, and that it's my first lace project (one step forward, 3 rows back), but c'mon!

I'm starting to panic a wee bit. The scarf is supposed to be received by November 1st. And the KSH seems to be going on forever. Help! I still need to block this baby when it's done!

Pictures? Oh, those would be nice here, huh? But I don't currently have any pictures of the scarf. I should, but I don't. Every spare moment when I'm at home is spent working on this scarf. My apartment has become the equivalent of a teenage boy's bedroom (clothes everywhere!) while I dedicate my life to this scarf. It's beautiful and miraculously makes me want to knit a shawl. But not on a freakin' deadline. I'm a nutty nut.

On non-knitting related content, I hate my newish Victoria's Secret bra. Gah. I don't typically buy my bras there since they don't really cater to the, um, busty gals, but need bra + no $ + VS credit card = buy a bra that's a wee bit too small. The stupid straps keep sliding down my shoulders. It's not like my neck slopes straight down to my hands. What the heck?

Also, the dumb thing keeps unhooking itself. Explain to me why the wretched thing has straps that NEED to hook in the back when it doesn't hook in the front! It's not a 'convertible' bra. What is up with that? Today while driving I looked down and the left cup appeared to be trying to escape through my shirt. Huh? Stupid thing was unhooked again. And I don't have the dexterity to fix it without removing my shirt and turning the whole thing around. Blah.

I should get going. It's my dear sweet hubby's birthday (32) and I'm taking him out to dinner. Somewhere. And he's buying me yarn tomorrow. (Yep, happy birthday to him.) More about that later. I'm so excited!

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Monday, October 16, 2006
The Spam Commentaries

I know that other people have shown some of the spam subjects that have come through to their boxes. I've been hoarding a few of the better ones to share:

Clementina Huffman writes to me of irritation -- Poor Clementina, is this a call out to the universe about her job as a lowly and reviled sender of spam?

cobble writes to me of dauphin -- 'cobble', like Cher, or Madonna, only without the name recognition! Oh 'cobble' (all lowercase, thankyouverymuch) are you referencing Mark Twain's famous Tom Sawyer, or wanting to discuss 14th century French aristocracy?

lennie riccardo says Jus look at this! -- Close cousin of Rickie?

Joseph Hoffman apparently wants to let me in on the secrets of face inflate -- Mr. Hoffman, your procedure does not sound at all appealing!


Other interesting name/title combinations of late:

--Someone wants to tell me about mystify bigoted

--Harry Berry is evidently a fan of brawny Brownies -- and, really, who isn't?

--Fishke Packer responded to my apparent request Re: news bisifu

--Walt Anthony writes to inform me about slither vault

--Tybalt Blue (which I'm totally naming my firstborn), calls me out for being cold-hearted solvable

--Donald Blair is a fan of the blue cheese handle

--And dear Ellen Bean (L.L.'s wife?) wants to invite me to a cataract square dance -- which sounds a bit painful!


Yee-haw, happy spammin', folks. I wonder if they ever search for their own spams and whether they would be flattered to find themselves here?

Fishke? Lennie? Clementina? You complete me.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006
Long Time No...Blog

It's not that no knitting's been happening, but it's been exclusively on the project for my ISEIII partner. I decided to tackle lace, with a laceweight yarn. For the first time. With a deadline. Maybe not my finest moment. It's progressing, but slowly. This is my first exchange, and I want to do it right!

So I'm knitting even slower than usual. But it's going to be so beautiful! I just hope I finish it in time.

Other than that, Clapotis is on-hold. I also got the Magic Loop book, which I'm dying to try out for Socktoberfest, with my first toe-up socks. But since they are for me, they are on-hold while I work on the ISE scarf. The scarf that has twice gotten time out. A phenomenon that The Boy just can't seem to understand. He doesn't know why I would want to knit something that is so fiddly and I have zipped up in Ziploc, put on the endtable, and left to 'think about' what it's done. Men. No imagination! ;)

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