Knit Picky: June 2005

"properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit...
 and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either."
~elizabeth zimmerman

Monday, June 27, 2005
I Am Fickle

Why is it that you can be working on a perfectly lovely pattern (like, oh, say my feather and fan socks using Artyarns), and suddenly become completely bored with it to the point where just about anything looks more interesting? I know that some might call this second sock syndrome, but generally this happens about 1/2 way through ANY project that I'm working on. This would be why I have so many UFOs hiding out in the bedroom, away from the watchful eyes of The Boy.

So even though I've completed 1 sock, and started the second, where is all my (admittedly limited) knitting time going? That would be here:


I'm doing the jacket at the bottom right for my friend's little boy who just turned 1. This would be the same little boy whose baby blanket I started shortly before he was born, and abandoned when he was born premature. (There's no real connection between him being a preemie and me quitting, it was just a time and stress thing.) So I'm making this jacket in all blue, Snuggly DK and Snuggly Bubbly. Have you felt Snuggly Bubbly? If you like baby yarns -- or even just enjoy really, really soft yarn -- you should give it a try. It is heavenly soft. I can't wait till I get to the point in the pattern where I actually get to knit with it instead of just fondling it manically.

And just look at this kid. I dare you to try NOT to knit him something! He's so unbelievably adorable, and the sweetest baby I've ever encountered.


I did a nice tubular cast on, 1-1/2" of ribbing, and knit 14 rows into the pattern before I realized I'd been reading it wrong and had totally screwed it up. This is after days of 'fixing' 'mistakes' in the pattern, and being really upset with Sirdar for publishing such a crappy pattern. Hmmm. The problem, it is with the knitter, I think. So I frogged it back to the end of the ribbing and started over. Amazing how much nicer it looks when you read the pattern correctly. It is going sooo much faster now. I'm already beginning the second pattern repeat (you just repeat to the required length. I want to say 19".) And I haven't run into any of those pesky 'mistakes' since. Imagine that. I'll try to take pics of both of these items tonight for the blog.

Until such a time, good night dahlings. Happy knitting.

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Thursday, June 16, 2005
Pinwheel-y Goodness!

Look. It's pictures of my pinwheel blankie. Yay! (Well, technically, it's not MY blankie, so much as it belongs to Shalom, who got it as a wedding gift. From me. Minor details, right??)

Click thru and look at it in the large size. It's awesome! The Noro is fabulous for the rings, and the Steadfast fringe is gloriously plush. Oooooh. (By the way, ignore the heinous blanket underneath it. We were at the wedding reception/picnic and it was my last chance to photograph the pinwheel.)

And a close up of the fringe:

Again, indulge yourself, and click thru to look at the big picture in Flick'r. Those colors are just unbelievable. Now you can see why I didn't want to give it away!!

Pattern: Pinwheel Blankie

Yarns: Noro Silk Garden #37 for the body; Steadfast Fibers Wonderful Wool (the purple one at the top) for the edging and the fringe

Needle: Size US8 Addi Turbos (circular, of course)


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Wednesday, June 08, 2005
Yeah, so...I'm back. Yeah.

So I did deliver the beloved pinwheel blankie to much gratifying oohing and ahhing at the wedding. But that's only sort of what I'm writing about today. In fact, I'm not writing much because I give you....[drumroll]....


The Boy gets a real live pair of socks! Note the short ankles. Because the basic sock pattern called for 459 yards of sock yarn, and I had 400 yards of indeterminate splitty cotton from elann, I thought I'd outsmart the pattern and shorten the cuffs by 2". Know what? I have about 150 yards of splitty cotton left. And the bunchiness. I guess it helps to take into account the skinny ankles of the recipient, eh? And maybe to not use worsted (?) weight splitty cotton. The genius. That is me.

But wait, there's more!

It's a basket! No, wait, it's a rasta hat! Actually it's the pinwheel blankie in progress. (Please ignore the disaster of the room behind Kate the Magnificent's lovely bald head, please.) You'll have to wait for the picture of the finished goodness because it is still trapped on my memory card (hey, I finally figured out how to upload these, what more do you people want from me!?). You really must admire the pinwheeliness of the blanket. It's something to behold, my friends. I'll try to remember to upload the finished blankie picture and the current feather & fan sock in progress (the sock that will not die, don'tcha know) in the next couple of days (am I delusional?). Oh, lovely Noro. Ohhhhh. Look at those colors!

And just because it's my blog, gratuitous shots of The Beast.

Apparently The Boy shot these at around 4:30 in the morning while The Beast and I slumbered. Fortunately for The Boy, I do not show in these photos. That would have been a clear deathwish. But isn't The Beastie sweet? Ahhhhh.

Right. Well, that oughtta hold you for a bit. :)

Hope all is well in blogland, and I'll try to post again this week.

Oh, I almost forgot! I teach my first knit class on Saturday (beginning knitting) and I'm terrified! Any pointers from the experts out there???

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