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"properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit...
 and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either."
~elizabeth zimmerman

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lists! My Life In (Probably not-at-all) Short, Pithy Statements

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Not Enough Time In Each Day
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So Behind With Mine
Too Many Damn Posts To Read
It Ends Today! Yay!

a) I am so mad about this! How backward and archaic is this administration? A head of family planning who does not believe in the planning part and actively endorses and runs dishonest pro-life centers?

b) I hate that pro-lifers and neo-cons love to characterize progressives as pro-abortion. Nobody is pro-abortion. We are pro-choice. There is a huge difference, semantics aside. We are pro-controlling our own bodies. Pro-allowing each woman to make the choices that are right for her, her family and her situation. Pro-peronal rights and responsibility.

b) Snicker. First Charles Crist snubbed Bush. Then Keith Ellison snubbed Bush. And yesterday Al Malachi snubbed Bush. Do you think that he and his handlers are starting to see a trend here?

a) No holiday knitting this year by decree of, well, me. I don't have the time, patience, or frankly the willingness, to be knitting at 2am Christmas morning this year. Maybe next year.

b) I've actually been accomplishing a lot of knitting (this is, of course, relative--if you bear in mind that I am the slowest knitter in the known universe, then this seems like a lot). I've finished socks for me, a baby hat to replace the pink one for Dylan, and half a baby sock to match the hat. I just haven't taken any pictures lately because I tend to get home pretty late and am tired and hungry when I get there (stupid gym; stupid new "healthier lifestyle").

c) As soon as the baby socks are done, I will be casting on for socks for The Boy. We have yarn selected (Koigu), and a pattern (from Sensational Knitted Socks). I will be trying toe up--pray for me.

Things I Want to Knit, But Don't Have a Prayer of Getting to Before I'm Old and Grey
a) Fetching -- I so want to make me some of these. Last night we had practically freezing temps here in Southern California -- it was like 40 degrees (F)! (Shuddup, all you cold weather types!) I need me some handwarmers!

b) I am in love, love, love with this book and its lovely patterns. Unfortunately I possess neither the book, nor any of the called-for Kochoran. But I so want the vest, Gesta. Want it, want it, want it!!

c) I want to make Kate Gilbert's gorgeous Equestrian Blazer from IK Winter. It's pretty ambitious for me, but I still want to do it.

d) I should probably finish Clapotis at some point. I'm in the final stretch, on the decrease section. Why don't I want to finish it?? I love the yarn, and the pattern is so pretty. But I have zero motivation.

e) I want to make these. All three of them. This is mainly because I'm a huge Elizabeth I fan. We even share a birthday, good ol' Bess and I do.

f) I enjoyed (surprisingly, maybe shockingly) working with the KSH for the ISE3 scarf, and I have two skeins from our London trip in Jelly (love it!) that I'm dying to make into a lightweight sweater/pullover of some sort. Like the one from LMKG. Of course, I'd have to get a bunch more of the KSH or a similar yarn.

g) I SO badly want to try STR, but I've already gone a bit nuts lately with the sock yarns. I want to get and knit Puck's Mischief and Rooster Rock like nobody's business.

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  • LOL... Maybe if you're really sweet and nice with "Mr Santa" he'll let you get some :)

    I started to read that bio of that doctor... it scares the cr*p out of me!!! What is that lovely president of y'alls trying to do with someone like that???
    Cheers Eva - PS: the order of stuff that was back ordered shipped yesterday :) If I get my act together you still might have it before xmas!!!

    By Anonymous Eva, at 11:05 AM  

  • That appointment is so bizarre :)

    You don't have a monopoly on idiots though - here's one (on a much lesser scale as small potential harm in comparison to the Bush Appt) from my part of the world.,2106,3887210a6160,00.html

    You just gotta wonder sometimes :)

    I am enjoying the mix of politics and knitting in your blog - 2 of the things I get most involved in.

    Enna in NZ

    (PS: I love the patterns you have been skimming - the gloves woudl come inhandy down here with what has been a cold wet start to Summer!)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:45 AM  

  • "How backward and archaic is this administration?????" Has it ever NOT been?!?!?!?!? People just don't realize, even when a woman decides on's no day at the beach, or anywhere within thousands of miles of one...
    Love the book you're lusting after, so many beautiful patterns!
    Just go for the Fetching, they're really very fun and easy to knit up, I've made several pair now and have a couple more on the holiday list, they are that fast!
    (I popped by from KnitBlue)

    By Blogger Marianne, at 8:59 AM  

  • Thanks for commenting on my blog, unfortunately blogger didn't provide me with your email address, so I'm stuck posting my response here (sorry).

    You say you "used" to go to the Sit N Knit store in Anaheim 2x a week. Did you move or do you recommend going somewhere else? Nothing but Sockotta? Are you kidding me?

    As far as your blog, I totally agree with your politics, I also want to knit the Equestrian Blazer, & you MUST break down & buy the STR yarn. It really is as good as everyone says!

    By Blogger miss88keys, at 12:26 AM  

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